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Purchases are shipped in the order in which they are received, although priority is given to expedited shipping, like UPS 3-day and next day air, and USPS Priority Mail.  Free shipping is quoted as 5-7 days, and ships when all other processing is complete.

Note:  2-Day and 3-Day shipping does not mean we ship the same day.  Expedited shipping will receive preference, but even with expedited shipping, we take a number of days from order to shipping date.  If you need something faster, email us, or use our online CHAT.

We are a small niche business and custom shop, and while some items are “off the shelf,”  your order might be behind a larger custom order.  This means that while we ship 2 to 3 times a week, your order will take a few days to ship, unless you make arrangements for expedited shipping in advance.

Some items, like high-end rifles and chassis and some scopes, are made to order by the manufacturer and will have extended lead times.

Many of our rifles and upper receiver groups are custom configured and require shop time to be completed.  These items take one or two weeks to ship.

Shipment of registered items (firearms and serialized receivers) ship only to federal firearms licensees.  We have a very specific process that we follow, which includes several quality checks for compliance with federal laws.  You will have your FFL send their license to us by email, as a .pdf.  Our compliance lead will check the order for completeness:  You have the FFL address as your shipping address, and your FFL has sent us a valid license, before your order advances.  Firearms and serialized lower take an extra 3 days, on average, for compliance, and often hold on to your order until all compliance matters are in perfect shape.  Please anticipate the added time, and do your best to follow the instructions on the listing, to limit and delays.

With respect to the shipment of ATF regulated items, and other firearms parts.  We reserve the right to unilaterally not accept or cancel a shipment for any reason, or for no reason.

Shipment of firearms to restricted states, like California and New York, may require the purchase of a special compliance package to comply with state laws. If you live in a restrictive state, we will work with you and your firearm dealer or transfer agent (FFL) to legal ship what can be shipped to you, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with local and state laws.  It is our responsibility to comply with all federal laws.  We are not your lawyer.  We will help and act and follow your instructions, as long as we have no reason to believe that those instructions are illegal where you live, but you must be the final judge of the legality of your purchase and of our shipment.  In the event that you purchase, and we ship an item that is not allowed in your state or locality, that is 100% your responsibility, which could include the loss or confiscation of your purchase or personal legal consequences.

With the exception mention above for custom configured rifles, upper receiver groups, rifle chassis and some factory ordered rifle scopes, which have an extended lead time, Our average time to ship is 4 days from date of order, or date of compliance approval, if a firearm, for off the shelf items, or some items that we ship for regional warehouses, with whom we contract for fulfillment.  At times, this can be faster, or longer, depending upon our volume, and when we have special purchases and the receipt of back-ordered merchandise, this time can easily extend much longer.  When backlogs occur, you will normally receive an email advising of the backlog and timing.

We do our best to keep our inventory current on the Website, but occasionally will be out of stock on an item.  If this occurs, we will ask if you would like to wait, get a replacement, or cancel the order or part of the order.

Discounted Shipping

From time to time, we may offer discounted or free shipping.  Rifles, Shotguns and Ammunition do not qualify for discounted or free shipping, due to their size and weight.  If you have these items in your cart, your entire order will not qualify for any shipping discount.  You are always welcome to place separate orders.

International Shipping

Many items are restricted from international shipping by ITAR, the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations.  You should ask before assuming we can ship internationally.  

Where applicable, we generally can ship items that are not restricted to certain countries where the total merchandise value is less than $150 (or $625 for Canada). We may require proof of citizenship before we can ship internationally, as well as a declaration of use from you.  We reserve the right to cancel any shipment to a non-US address, or in cases of restricted items, where we have reason to believe that it will be received by a non-US person, or illegally exported after being shipped to a US address.  This is a unilateral declaration, and not subject to external review.  When in-doubt, we will err on the side of caution to be in compliance with ITAR and other export laws.

If you work with a US-based export broker, it may be possible for us to ship to that broker.  We are not a licensed export broker in the US, and due to the nature of our business, we are very restricted on what we can export.  Our experience with brokers is that the arrangement only works economically when you have a purchase of over $10,000 from us.

We do ship larger purchases to Canada through a broker relationship with I Run Guns.  We will put you in-touch with them, and clear any ITAR questions with them and/or the manufacturer, and then we ship to I Run Guns in Arizona, and you would pay us for that shipping, and make arrangements with I Run Guns for shipment to Alberta and then to your final destination.  The fees associated with the transfer to Canada is a matter for you to arrange with I Run Guns.  Our experience is that you should plan on a cost of $300 to $500.

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